Our Mission

Global IP delivers superior managed connectivity to your business to ensure business critical applications function to provide increased employee productivity.

Who is Global IP?

Global IP provides & manages Wide Area Network connections such as Internet, FiOS, T1's, DSL Cable, MPLS, Frame Relay, Point-to-Point DS-1s, Point-to-Point DS-3 circuits, etc.

Providing a Customized Solution for Your Business Needs.

Partnerships with Verizon, Time Warner Business Class, PAETEC, Cavalier, One Communications, TW Telecom, Global Crossing, Netwolves, Sprint, and AT&T allows Global IP to offer your business a flexible range of products and services.

Initial Meeting & Audit

Our experienced professionals will evaluate our client's Telecom Network Services. This evaluation will analyze the client's invoices, carrier usage, and when necessary a physical site survey may be needed. For an initial audit, a member of our staff will request a copy of your monthly invoices from your current carrier. From there, our knowledgeable staff will perform a comprehensive audit of your company's current usage/consumption. After analyzing your company's usage, we will make suggestions accordingly.

Repair Resolution

When issues arise with you service, our team will take responsibility by opening a trouble ticket and carefully work with the carrier provider until services are working to your expectations. This is effectively done by diligent communicating with the affected customer and the Carrier. When necessary, our experienced staff may set up a "vendor meet" with your equipment vendor to diagnose what is affecting your service.


The Advantage of IPsec VPN

In addition to connecting to headquarters, most organizations want to provide each end point with Internet access. Since the IPsec VPN itself runs over the public Internet, this is a straightforward addition requiring no additional equipment. There are options for connecting MPLS VPNs to the Internet, usually involving the deployment of a separate Internet connection Although IPSec VPNs typically place equipment at the customer premises, many service providers do offer IPsec VPN services where they are responsible for management of the IPsec gateway. In a managed offering such as this, the service provider will typically provide a performance guarantee of some sort.

A Comparison

MPLS and IPSec are not, as some vendors position them, competitive technologies; rather, each is useful for different functions. The MPLS (IP VPN) is useful in creating fixed, site-to-site connections, but less practical for creating client-to-site, remote site, or telecommuting environments. Moreover, the IP VPN is less robust in terms of the providing security to data being transported. IPsec, on the other hand, was designed from the ground up to provide an ultra-secure connection. When a VPN is created using the IPsec protocol, data is secured both by encryption and authentication.

Site-to-site connectivity Yes Yes
Full mesh connectivity Yes Yes
QoS and bandwidth management Yes (CoS) Yes (CoS)
Client-to-Site connectivity No Yes
AES-256 bit encryption No Yes
PKI-based authentication No Yes
Available Worldwide No Yes
Service provider No Yes
Service provider contract requiremnent Yes No
Cost to deploy $$$$ $$
Monthly bandwidth cost $$ $

Exclusive Global IP Product

Meshing and networking thousands of locations through our MPLS, IPsec VPN. Dramatically reducing your company's costs!