Remote Backup Storage

If a natural disaster or any man-made catastrophe were to occur, does your company have a plan to recover crucial information that your business runs on? Do you spend time transporting around a data disk with the important information that your business thrives on? Global IP now guarantees intelligent data backup & disaster recovery for organizations under pressure with the reliability and insecurity of their backup and recovery results. A Global IP Offsite Backup Appliance delivers dynamic policy-driven backup functions to manage vital information more efficiently.

Offsite Remote Data Backup To The Cloud

A Global IP Appliance can automatically encrypt, transmit to, and store data at our National Data Center located in Buffalo, NY. If the local Global IP appliance at your site breaks or malfunctions, IT administrators can easily recover the latest version of their data through the replacement appliance's Web interface.

Site-to-Cloud Backup

Global IP deploys AES 256-bit encryption to transmit and store data to other Global IP Backup Appliances at remote sites. If the local appliance breaks and is no longer feasible, IT administrators can recover the latest version of data through the replacement appliance's Web interface.

Detailed Backup Managed Rules

Chain of command backup rules allow a continuous data backup strategy to be implemented. This is a strategy that recognizes, captures & stores important business information, and optimizes your storage while eliminating the expensive backup and storage of irrelevant data.