The Global IP Cloud

Let Global IP be your company's solution for hardware and data storage. With our new National Data Center we offer colocation and remote backup services.


Colocation allows customers to place their server in racks at our Buffalo, NY based data center. Our customers have the option to either configure their own hardware and bring it over or lease the hardware from Global IP. From there, Global IP provides your equipment with an IP address, bandwidth, and redundant power. You can maintain and access your server with a secure VPN through the cloud. The data center is monitored by our state-of-the-art surveillance system and customers can access their equipment with a Global IP security swipe ID card.

Remote Backup

Global IP guarantees intelligent data backup & disaster recovery for organizations under pressure with the reliability and insecurity of their backup and recovery results. A Global IP Offsite Backup Appliance delivers dynamic policy-driven backup functions to manage vital information more efficiently.