Colocation Services

With the addition of our National Data Center, Global IP now offers hosting options for small, medium, and enterprise sized businesses.

What is Colocation?

Colocation allows customers to place their server in racks at our Buffalo, NY based data center. Our customers have the option to either configure their own hardware and bring it over or lease the hardware from Global IP. From there, Global IP provides your equipment with an IP address, bandwidth, and redundant power. You can maintain and access your server with a secure VPN through the cloud. The data center is monitored by our state-of-the-art surveillance system and customers can access their equipment with a Global IP security swipe ID card.

Advantages of Colocation

The biggest advantage of colocation is the bandwidth cost. For around the same price as a low cost business DSL connection, our data center offers higher bandwidth speeds and better redundancy for network connections. Another advantage is peace of mind. Our data center is constantly monitored. Climate-controlled temperatures, video surveillance, and backup generators are just some of the ways we keep your equipment safe and running optimally. Finally, colocation keeps the oversight in the customers' hands. The customer can freely upgrade or change their hardware and software. There are no obstacles or waiting for a hosting provider. Overall, our colocation service gives you 24x7 no-hassle free reign over your servers.

Cloud Colocation: What you can expect...

  • A Dedicated Support Team. An experienced Network Engineer at your disposal.

  • Own or Lease. It's your choice to have either Global IP or your company own the hardware and all parts

  • Opportunity for Growth. You will have the opportunity to expand your network infrastructure

  • Guaranteed Connectivity. With direct Fiber Optic backbone to the Global IP Data Center, you can rest assured knowing you have superior connection. Also, our Data Center is equipped with the best equipment; generators, UPS's, climate control appliances will ensure up-time.

  • Redundancy. You have the option of having your information continuously backed up or backed up on the schedule which you choose.

  • Security. Our surveillance-monitored 24x7 Data Center can only be accessed with a security swipe card that you will own. Also, your rack space will have a lock to secure your information even more.

  • Remote Access. We provide you with the tools necessary to manage your off-site equipment & information remotely.

  • Complimentary Features. Our customers may reap the benefits of free private on-site parking at no cost and an onsite workstation to work at with free local/long distance calling.