Integrated T-1

Digital voice or VOIP Integrated T1 is often referred to as a dynamic T1. This Global IP solution brings SIP to the end user without the expense of replacing an existing analog/TDM PBX. An Integrated Access Device (IAD) is installed and connected to a T1 at each site that converts the digital voice (VoIP) traffic to standard analog signals. Our Integrated Voice T1 service is an ideal option for businesses with end-of-life telephone systems that wish to retain and/or increase functionality on such features and applications without the need to invest in a new telephone system. We support a number of phone systems or standard analog handsets.

Global IP's integrated T-1 is a powerful and affordable voice and data converged solution that is dynamically balanced for the daily changes in your business traffic demands. We offer availability of up to 1.5 mbps data and 24 channels of voice on a single circuit, at a price far below separate voice and data lines. Global IP's Integrated T-1 service is available over a huge nationwide footprint.