Global IP Primary Rate ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) service transmits voice communication over a single 1.54 Mbps T1 line. This is equivalent to voice traffic transmitted over 24 different telephone lines which, when coupled with DIDs, can provide significantly reduced costs.

Global IP offers TDM PRI and IP-based PRI service platforms. Calling plans include both measured and unlimited local and long distance bundles. Through an extensive network of service partners, Global IP is able to offer broad PRI nationwide coverage.

Ideal for organizations that demand high call volumes, Global IP's PRI may also include enhanced features such as caller ID, alternate routing, direct inward dialing, PBX station identification and much more. By consolidating traditional phone lines onto one efficient PRI circuit and utilizing DIDs for multiple extensions, businesses can benefit from reduced operational costs and greater control of their telecommunications infrastructure.

Global IP Local T1 PRI offers flexible and cost effective local and long distance services in a huge national footprint.

  • Offered in a huge national footprint
  • The cost savings of VoIP delivered direct to your traditional phone system
  • Low port MRC
  • Global IP's aggressive long distance rates