Telecom Usage Audit

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Global IP recently conducted a 3-month case study with this FREE Telecom Business Assessment program. Our results showed that we were able help customers save money on their telecom bill, increase bandwidth, reduce hassle, and increase employee efficiency all at the same time! But most importantly at a minimum, Global IP was able to validate the performance of the existing services in place.

Some Benefits from a Global IP Audit:

A Strong Second Opinion

We will personally review your current bill and all the charges you are currently receiving. With over 25 years in the telecom industry, we will quickly identify areas for improvement, and in many cases can even save you money.

Get New and Better Technology...For Less

Over the last five years, telecom companies have made dramatic upgrades to their technology. It is very likely that a complementary Telecom Audit will turn up alternative solutions that can better serve your company. For example, rather than assign fixed capacity for traditional voice and data, you can implement an IP Circuit to support data traffic when the voice lines are idle. This will maximize your service plan and save you money.

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Enhance Your Productivity

When you have your technology working at optimum levels, you also empower your employees to follow suit. By identifying organizational gaps in your service, more efficient systems can promote and encourage greater employee productivity.

Free Review of Your Disaster Recovery Plan

If you have multiple locations sharing data, you will want to review your businesses continuity to ensure that critical business functions are always operational. There are many cases that can lead to business data disaster: hard drive failure, power outages, software viruses, malicious employees, water in the wrong place, etc. Does your business have redundancy built into the mix? Do you have a disaster recovery plan? With today's technology there are easy ways to create redundancy.

Save a Ton of Money!

The best bonus of all is that we can almost always save you money! With an average savings of 28%, you can save up to $500 per month depending on your current service plan. How would you re-invest an additional $500 per month, $6,000 per year, or $18,000 per three year contract? There are many ways Global IP can save you money off your telecom service agreement.